by Fear Control

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released April 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Fear Control Austin, Texas

FEAR CONTROL is a heavy riffing, loud screaming, double kicking sonic attack from Austin, Tx. Inspired by metal masters Metallica and Pantera as well as newer metal heroes Trivium, Machine Head, August Burns Red, Lamb of God, and Bullet For My Valentine, Fear Control blends the perfect combination of brutal, aggressive, mosh-worthy riffs and breakdowns along with instantly catchy melodies. ... more

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Track Name: The Will To Act
Behind armor of lies
Insecurity in disguise
All the stories told
All our hearts grown cold

The Will To Act
You’ll Never Get It Back

Rid yourself of fear
Destroy all that holds you back
Embrace the darkness

Yeah! Alright!
Track Name: Chains
Chains restrain me
Now im trapped forever!

Victim of circumstance or
Do I plague myself for wanting more?
All these dreams, all these fears,
The struggle i adorn.

Now is the time to fight for life
Now is the time to fight for life

I will live this life of mine
Free of wasted time
Push through darkest skies
Until the day the I die

All the rain,
Yet still I find
Myself in chains

Refuse to believe that this is dead
I will keep on trying
One day i will breathe again And come to peace with dying

Nothing but pain and cries
Nothing but fear in your eyes
Time to die or decide
You deserve to survive

No escape
From this nightmare

Held in restraint
Once again
Self-Inflicted wounds
Hold me down
For the last time
These ties that bind
Will no longer survive
Track Name: Off With His Head
The king must lose his crown
His head comes toppeling down
We will be victims no longer
After this only then can we be stronger
Corruption is contagious
Everybody vies for a piece of the pie
Step on each other to seize what’s ours
With no limit for earning power

Off With His Head!
(Blood Must Be Shed!)
Off With His Head!
(Blood Must Be Shed!)

Feudalism in disguise
Albeit without corporate charter
Battle for control
Ends with those with most power
Money and influence
Possessions and connections
Power is masturbation
Good only for frustration

I will live the warrior life
And never walk away
I will leave them buried alive
And walk over their graves

Dreams of a dying child
Cut short by a tyrant
No excuses any longer
We must work towards the future
Thought you were dependable
But now you’re just expendable
Loyalty tested through & through
I’ve thrown away my reliance on you

Dreams gone up in flames
I’m counting my last days
Now it’s all or nothing
You reap what you sow until you die

Last chance to take a stand
Finally lets kill this man
Loss of fear now takes control
Lost my chance to save my soul
Now there’s no turning back
Now’s the time we must attack
The end of your reign has come
Swift vengeance now be done
Track Name: With Broken Wings
I can feel you
keeping me adrift
When times are dire
When only evil transpires
I can feel the angel carrying me
With Broken Wings
High above this wretched place
How much longer til she…

Away we go
Where? No one knows
Am I lost forever?
As we approach death on the ground

I’m too late
Did I miss out on forever?

Death grips tighter on my leash
Knowing sooner and sooner I’ll be his
My guiding light, my guardian angel
Can no longer save me from this hell

I’m too late
Did I miss out on forever?
The embers rise
On my way down
Track Name: Legacy
The last time I ever breathe this air
I’ll know I’ve done all I could
This is your last chance, your only chance
It’s up to you
Don’t live with your life in fear
Don’t live with regret

In Time (In Time)
You will know my name
In Time (In Time)
You will feel my pain
(You will comprehend)

I will show the world
its not yet time to burn
Your action will live forever
I will never be
What you want me to be
I will never rescind myself

Death Claims All...

Reveal yourself from
The dark shadows of
You’re basking in

Death Claims All
Life Just Falls
This Is Not The End

The words you once spoke
Fire in your soul
Now you’re just blind
Part, no whole
We all die
Our last goodbye
How will you remember me?


Go and seize your name
Try and grasp your fame
This is your last chance to change Freedom hardly rings
Without believing
Fight til the last drop of blood